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From the moment you step on campus, you’re welcomed by a community that understands you. Your strong ambition, your brilliant curiosity, your desire to impact the future — it’s what every single student packs in their bags and brings to Cedar Crest College. It’s what drives us. It’s what bonds us. At Cedar Crest, you’re empowered to accomplish your goals. Through state-of-the-art facilities, expert faculty and a supportive family, we’ve achieved national recognition as a transformative institution. It’s a place where challenges turn into new discoveries and big ideas turn into life-changing solutions. Whatever your dream, you can make it happen. Because here, every experiment, group project and presentation inspires new progress. Because here, you build the confidence to level up.

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  • A Reputation for Excellence - We’ve been helping young women hone their skills and shape their potential for over 150 years. That’s more than 150 years of scientific breakthroughs, first-rate bachelor’s degrees, cutting-edge resources and empowering women to become leaders.
  • A Community That Lifts You Up - At Cedar Crest, we’re not cutthroat. Here, success isn’t a competition, but something that is achieved through collaboration and support. Within our tight-knit family, your voice is not only heard, but truly valued as we help each other embrace our unique gifts.
  • Don’t Wait — Create Your Future - We take your college experience to the next level. Our pioneering program helps undergraduate students like you create specialized skills through hands-on learning, a high-impact global service opportunity, close relationships with faculty, a customizable major that includes all of your interests and the confidence to take initiative and shape the future you want.

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